Thursday, January 31, 2013

     Growing up, I have always had a fasination with fairy tales.  I used to watch Disney versions of fairy tales all the time, but when I read the real versions of the tales, I found I liked the book versions better.  I felt betrayed by Disney when I learned that the Little Mermaid dies in the story but not the movie.  I chose this class because I feel you can learn a lot about life through fairy tales.

     I also chose this class because I've always been interested in examining fairy tales from a scholar's perspective.  I've always liked looking at female roles in fairy tales and how they either weaken or strengthen women from a mental point of view.  While I like the male helping the female, I also have respect (perhaps even more respect) for the woman who can take care of herself and is intelligent (Such as Fiona from Shrek and Belle from Beauty and the Beast).  After all, why should the male do all the rescuing?  I believe the woman should do some of the rescuing as well and that they can do it better. ;)  I also like looking at the symbols and motifs that come in fairy tales and exploring their significance such as the rule of three. 

     My favorite fairy tale is Beauty and the Beast because I like the Disney portrayal of Belle.  She is smart, likes to read, is not afraid to go against the status quo, and is willing to stand up to people (such as Gaston, that prick).  She saves the Beast instead of him saving her in the end, which I think is a nice change from fairy tales such as Snow White, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty where the prince saves the princess.  I also love the way she treats the enchanted objects of the castle as if they were still human.  She reminds me a lot of myself also.  I love the whole romantic aspect of it and the message that true beauty comes from within.