Thursday, May 9, 2013

Final Blog


     This class has probably been the best class of the whole semester.  I have learned so much from it.  I learned about Snow White and the different motifs and symbols.  I watched Pretty Woman and related it to the Cinderella story.  I watched Pan's Labyrinth and found it to be one of the best movies I have ever seen in my entire life.  I have learned about Jung and Freud and their theories on fairy tales and archetypes.  I also found a new hero in Angela Carter and her rewriting of fairy tales from a feminist perspective.  I also learned that fairy tales are so much more than stories for children.  I also was introduced to new cultures and their folklore stories.  I especially liked the Native American folklore because it was creative and the language was so descriptive and powerful that you felt like you were there hearing the stories as they were being told long ago.

     I loved the material covered this semester.  I felt like we went to different countries and experienced different cultures.  I loved the Arabian nights with the frame story and how everything connected.  I loved Schezedaze and her cleverness of using stories as a way to save herself and her sister from being killed.  I loved the Jewish folktales and how the rabbis would not just tell you the answer to your problem but instead tell a story to have you figure out the solution.  I admired the bravery and wit of different animals in the Kenyan stories.  I loved the stories of Oscar Wilde and Hans Christian Anderson for they touched me deeply and made me feel something that the other fairy tales we had read never made me feel before.  I loved looking at Pan's Labyrinth and connecting it to Propp's 3l functions because it made the story all the more clearer.  I also loved watching films in class cause some of the films were like a return to my childhood. 

     Some of the material was challenging for me.  An example would be the Indian tales because they didn't seem to have a plot.  Also, the fact that the Indian stories aren't really studied as much made it harder for me to appreciate them.  I also had trouble with some of the theories of Freud and Jung since psychology isn't an area I'm very interested in.  However, most of the material was fun to read because I had been exposed to some of the material before.  I also liked hearing different people's interpretations of fairy tales I had read as a child because it opened a new plane of thinking for me.  I also learned a lot of German words and culture and since I'm part German, this stuff has meaning for me.

     I think I spent enough time reading the required material because I did well on the tests and the midterm.  I also felt like reading the material helped me to understand more of the class.  I especially liked reading the fairy tales because they were a way for me to escape my anxieties and troubles in the real world.  Sometimes I'll admit I didn't read some of the material carefully enough but that was generally because I was too tired or too stressed with other homework.  I feel though I have given my all for this class and it has all paid off this semester.  I feel I can pass this class knowing that I have taken a hard journey that was worth taking and that will influence me in my career path for years to come.